Learn about our easy to understand fee structure.

Papajcik Brothers Tax uses a simple fee structure and charges based on the time and effort required to provide our service.  We don’t nickel-and-dime our clients or charge  based on the number of forms a return may require.



We offer a fee range of $200-600 for most personal tax returns. We strive for a lifelong client relationship.  We do our best to maintain historical fee rates for returning clients.  Your fee depends on the amount of time required to prepare your tax returns.  Using our questionnaires helps to summarize your financial information, which reduces our preparation time and related fee.

Small Businesses, Partnerships and LLC's

We offer a fee range of $350-750 for most small business owners.  Your fee does partially depend on the organization of your financial documents.  Our questionnaires help to make this process efficient.  We are here to discuss a range of issues with you, including small business tax deductions, self-employed health insurance, self-employed retirement accounts, self-employment taxes and record-keeping functions.

Rental Property

We offer a fee range of $350-750 for most rental property owners.  We know that many of our clients use rental property as a way to build wealth.  We have experience in all facets of the rental property transaction cycle, from purchase to holding to sale.  Our team has expertise with rental depreciation, Section 1031 Exchanges, turning personal homes into rental homes, flipping properties and real estate professionals.

Flight Crew

We offer a fee range of $350 to $450 for airline pilots, flight attendants and flight crew across the country.  We know the significance that per diem allowances and out of pocket expenses can play on your tax return.  Our team is happy to answer your questions and help you through the process.  We are also happy to prepare your Form 2106 for $150.

Strategic Estimates

Toward the end of each year, clients ask us for help estimating their expected tax liability for the next April 15 filing cycle.  We typically offer a fee of $100 to update tax estimates and help give clients visibility into their liability.

STrategic Consultation

Clients need strategic insights into their tax planning strategies.  We are able to provide ongoing tax planning and consultation throughout the year at a rate of $150 / hour.